Who We Are
Based in Ankara, the Health Care Academician Society (HCAS) is a scientific and professional
organization that represents health care academicians in Turkey.

Vision Statement
We envision a care environment that is focused on quality, enabled by healthcare
professionals who have been well trained in quality subjects and who are as passionate as
we are about improving the delivery of healthcare.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Health Care Academician Society is to advance the creation,
communication and application of health knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s
lives. We would like to enhance quality in healthcare by transforming the professionals who
work in healthcare. We aim to give you the tools and knowledge that you need to impact
healthcare delivery and outcomes and to be an advocate for quality and patient safety.

Our Values
At Health Care Academician Society we are committed to;
 Continual pursuit of excellence
 Integrity in all of our work
 Knowledge and its application based upon methods of science
 Innovations in training and education
 Outstanding service to its members and to society
 Social justice, diversity, and inclusion
 Ethical action in all that we do
 Quality in all that we do and offer
 Continuous education
The Health Care Academician Society is a national, neutral, nonprofit organization which
aims to increase the standards in the field of health care quality and patient safety including
education, patient care and treatment. The society also aims to create or make contributions
for the development of technical, scientific and social facilities and it also cooperates with
any and all related institutions, organizations, foundations and societies for this purpose.
Health Care Academician Society works as explained below in order to achieve its goals :
 The society cooperates with all related institutions in order to reach the standards in
the education of quality, patient safety and patient and family rights,
 The society attempts to facilitate the communication with and among its members in
order to increase their knowledge and awareness on the developments and
innovations in the field of quality, patient safety and patient and family rights

The society encourages the development and application of health science in the
broadest manner.

The society promotes research in medicine, the improvement of research methods
and conditions, and the application of research findings. The society supports its
members and those making scientific research on different topics including geriatrics
and elderly health for their research activities.

The Society improves the qualifications and usefulness of health care professionals
by establishing high standards of ethics, conduct, education, and achievement.

The Society increase and disseminate health and science knowledge through
meetings, professional contacts, reports, papers, discussions, and publications.

The society aims to create and/or apply new projects in order to increase public
awareness on health science research. The society makes all necessary cooperation
with any institutions for this purpose.

The society gives education parallel to its purposes to its members, to public and
those making contributions on the field of health. To achieve this target holds or
organizes congresses, seminars, conferences, symposiums and similar scientific,
managerial and social meetings.
In order to achieve its goals, Health Care Academician Society,
 Can establish branches, centers or institutions,
 Can sign any necessary protocols and contracts with institutions, organizations or
 Can accept any kind of donations or charitable contributions.
 The society does not engage in politics, does not accept the contributions of the
political organizations and does not contribute to these organizations.

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